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CPU2.0 Articles, Docs & Tutorials

CPU2.0 Documentations
Official Documentation of CPU2.0

Understanding Stack Alignment in 64-bit Calling Conventions
Explains how to deal with stack alignment requirement

Quick Reference

Linux 64-bit Syscall Listings
Tabular list of Linux 64-bit syscalls

Units and Metrics

ASCII Table & Keyboard Scancode

BASE64 and BASE32 Alphabets

AMD Developers Central
Download the Manuals and others

Intel Software Developers Manuals
Download the Manuals and others

Intel Intrinsics Reference

Simply FPU
A must-vist site from Raymond Filiaterault on FPU. A perfect learning combo with CPU2.0's FPU routines

Agner Fog's
A must-vist site from Agner Fog - Articles, resources and others, particularly for performance-related materials

MSDN Portal

External Links & Tools

Netwide Assembler
Official NASM site

Flat Assembler
Official FASM site

The C/C++ compiler for Win64

Jeremy Gordon's GoDev official site. Contains golink linker.

Official GNU GCC site

GNU binutils
Official GNU binutils site ("ld", "as" etc)

Elixir Cross Referencer via Bootlin
Reference tool used to build Linux Syscall Table

Linux 32-bit kernel references
32-bit versions of syscall

Big Number Calculator
Test big numbers way past Quadwords

Check your CPUID features


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